Isolation in Japan Will Make Me Dead or Alive from Dec 11th.

I decided when I’ll leave here. That’s on Dec 10th, Sat. According to all syllabuses, all classes will be over on Dec 8th, Thursday, when I have two nights to pack my stuffs. I gave the call to NorthWest Airlines to book the flight to Japan. As everybody knows, its airlines went bankruptcy a few weeks ago, which is the only one to have the direct flight from Portland (PDX) to Narita (NRT).

I can change the date of flight just once cuz our round tickets are one-year open. I booked NWA 5 on Dec 10th, successfully. I’ll be in Japan at 4pm next day, Dec 11th, Sun. Flight time is 11 hours long. What will I do? I’m thing about that, already. Talking about my new apartment, it’s gonna be located at Numabukuro, which is far from Takadanobaba by a 10-minute train.

I’m looking forward to living there alone, of course. It’s gone be the first time to do that in Japan, which is known as the most fuckin’ expensive country. I’ll realize if this rumor is true in a couple of weeks. All I’ll have to do is to start the job hunting, anyway.

I went to Broadway at 1pm, but I couldn’t stay so long time. My concentration has gone. It’s at 5pm that I was back to home. I watched the Japanese drama, Tentai-kansoku, which made me think about the future, again. What do you wanna do? What do u need for your future/dream?

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-01 07:50 | @Portland

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