Turnover Is Fast.

I was chilling w/ friends beyond the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. I spoke to Sugita living in Valencia, Spain, at first. Shortly after log-in, I was invited to the chat w/ Sugita and Ito, who is one of the best friends, graduated and going to the same high school and university in Japan. It’s the first time to talk, although on-line, w/ him since I left Japan.

What I noticed again is the high-level chat we r doin’, rather than any other friends of mine. I, who am checkin’ Japanese news articles everyday for the job hunting, had no idea about the other funny/controversial article they told me. Japan had the poll in Lower House on Sep 11, when LDP, the largest ruling party, got more seats than before, up to 296.

Nobody knew what a landslide victory they had. Taizo Sugimura became the first representative in the long history of the Japanese Diet. Mr. Sugimura, 26, worked at a securities firm before this election. His income jumped up to $200,000, from $30,000. This strange situation is related to the traditional rules in Japan’s election. Specifically speaking, LDP didn’t deny that he would sing up to be a candidate on the list of its party.

Dreams came true. No. It’s like American Dream. I also wanna grab the big dream someday. In order to do that, I can say again. Let’s do what I can do as much as possible.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, Japanese professional baseball pitcher, said that;
Target controls each day. (In other words, ‘Seize the day’)

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-02 06:26 | @Portland

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