Tough Schedule for this Quarter.

I might have skipped Int’l Bus, too. I got up at five after 8am, which is the beginning time for the class. Unfortunately, an article assignment paper was due today. Paul, my favorite instructor, said last Tuesday that he hated the late assignments, but loved the on-time ones. That’s why I ran fast to the room.

MKTG 376, having approximately 50 students, was pretty exciting. They comment one after another from here to there, like a blindly machine gun. Thus Paul stops them sometimes to move on the next section. He usually uses PowerPoint for the lecture. As soon as he scrolls it, everybody starts writing down new page.

The last script said “let’s go Boston (w/ Redsox’s logo).” What he added was write down it rite now. Here’s just kidding, but I realized that Japanese instructors will never catch up him, sharing us funny and nice time, in spite of the early morning.

Nobody knows that it lost the first game of AL Division Series this nite.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-04 18:25 | @Portland

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