I applied one by one.

I have just ESL every Wednesday, as well as Monday and Friday. What we discussed is the novel, Fahrenheit 451. Some students say it’s boring, others fun. I feel it’s fun so far. It’s easy for me to imagine what’s going on now or what kind situations there is. But, I heard that it’s hard to concentrate reading and imagine those.

Simply speaking, it’s about a Fireman, who doesn’t extinguish a fire but burns unwanted books, his wife, who tried to kill herself w/ over-pills, and one girl, who had nothing to do w/ them. I just read the first 21 pages, which had only her suicide as a big incident.

All I did as job hunting is to apply Mitsubishi. I stayed in Broadway for a couple hours w/ Riku, who also did last nite. We went to Kinko’s in order to print out our business cards. Fortunately, we did more perfect that expected. We plan to hand in one each interviews/companies in Boston. I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-05 10:30 | @Portland

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