MKTG 376 Is The Most Exciting Class I’ve ever Taken.

As soon as I handed in a quiz of MKTG 376, I raised my hand to speak up smth important for Japan. I told Paul, a nice instructor, that Japanese gov’t would start the import of mad cows again, which means only less than 20-month old would be exported from here, US, w/out testing. He commented it’s a huge issue for both countries.

It will be this December that American beef will be traded as early as possible. However, Japanese beef-bowl franchises are concerned w/ the difficulty to clean away the bad image against American beef for two years. Yoshinoya, one of the popular shops, said that its profit would be still deficit this year. Only 16 % of two-year-ago amount will be traded to Japan. Most shops have shifted using national beef, Chinese, and Australian.

I went to SBA to correct and let me have some advices about my resume. Unfortunately,
It took little time to do that cus I’m not a SBA student. According to that adviser, I can have some comments at Career Center, where I was after that. I made an appointment to see one adviser, Chelsea, PSU graduate student. I’ll be back rite there tmrrw.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-06 13:01 | @Portland

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