Energy Comes From Yourself.

For the first time, I told Carry about Boston Career Forum. Hence, I’ll be absent two classes. She accepted my situation and said it’s ok, and let her know waz going on. I might do smth in class, like announce waz the job hunting is, stuff like that. Whenever I talk about the forum to Waseda Oregon staffs, they say I can get the job, easily.

I myself can’t feel any relief to achieve. I strongly believe that those who work harder than they planned will get the good news, definitely. Another belief is that if you have time to compare w/ others, you’d better think about another answer on ES. All u have to do is to care about yourself.

I took part in FOCUS, having nice time. I met Yu-mi there in accident. After a quick dinner, I talked to her about the job hunting, mainly. This conversation might make her bored, but it’s really crucial for me rite now. Sorry about that. I’m very impressed by her spirit to wanna be a announcer. It includes she went back to Japan in spite of one if the former TNP members.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-07 13:54 | @Portland

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