Outdoor Is Dangerous for Me.

Thinking about my condition, I didn’t get out all day long. That’s why, although I’m not sure, my red throat is getting much better. While staying here, Misa, who also is about to catch a cold and feel pain of body, visits to get medicines I brought from Japan: Ruru? or LuLu? I don’t know. Another strange I do when I get sick is to wear a muffler even indoors.

That’s why she laughed at me rite after she opened da door as well as Mom did. Since she is leaving for the field to watch soccer, I hand another to her. In terms of my idea, to leave around my neck warm is crucial. Let’s imagine you go to bed w/ a heavy comforter when you got sick. Why? That’s because you try to sweat heavily, which means that due to occur the fever, beating your sickness.

That’s the same thing. Where’s sick? – my throat, rite? Let’s warm it up by smth special – muffler. It’s pretty logical, I think. Moreover, whenever I come home, I gargle for a half minute. It, of course after washing my hands cleanly, also is a good way in order to keep my body healthy.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-09 16:48 | @Portland

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