Rough Is Just Rough.

Although it is a holiday in Japan, we had a class, of course. Japan has more holidays than US having Thanksgiving Day, or Independence Day, etc. That’s how US doesn’t have three-straight holiday, like Japan’s Golden Week. Never. We have no long break even in the beginning of the year, January. We will start Winter Term on January 2nd. Sounds crazy, rite?

Whenever I update the weblog, I think about what to say/write/tell. It is true that recently most themes are about the job hunting. I can’t escape it in my life. Moreover, to write it down several days is good for me, see? It’ll be funny to read them a few decades later, hun?

Only one thing I did for it is to write a rough draft of Entry Sheet of Morgan Stanley, one of the largest securities companies. I have to do that in English. In most cases I don’t have to do that, I mean, writing in Japanese is fine. Even if I must write in English, it’s gonna be just the resume. Therefore, I managed to answer the big two question:

1. describe one of the most significant personal or professional decision making challenges you have experienced, and how did this experience affect your personal / professional development?

2. What are some strengths that you would bring to Morgan Stanley that would benefit our business and your working relationships?

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-10 07:23 | @Portland

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