Taking a nap gives me Energy.

I was not late for MKTG 376 for which I was late last week. I’m the fifth place of the class, lol, at 7:40am. To my surprise, I found there were few students who dropped it. At the end of class, Paul announced that he would cancel the next class on Thursday. Everybody shouted in their minds rite after his saying.

I take a nap every Tue and Thu after da morning class. This is because I stay up late night to get ready for the class, like quizzes, paper. Additionally, as u know, the job hunting stuffs face me. Why don't u disappear rite away?

At the end of Econ 410, I talked w/ the instractor Ito, mainly about what's goin' on. Waz ur major? U wanna work here or in Japan? He gave me just stuff like questions. Officially, he is my "Senpai." I mean, he graduated Waseda University, whose major is law. But, he's teaching Econ!?!?, rite?
I wonder whyz that.

This class is for Senior/graduate students, typically. But, I'm taking it. U wanna ask me if it's hard? I can say NO, immediately. Cuz he talks about JPN's Econ after WW2 that I learned in Waseda for two yrs. That's why I said that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-11 08:26 | @Portland

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