Hide Title and Dream.

It’s time for this. I went to Rose Garden, presenting the exciting atmosphere. As soon as I arrived there at 10 to seven, I gave a call to Cameron, who works as a Blazers official cameraman. He doesn’t have to pay for every game – it’s free. Unfortunately, the loud noise bothered my call, so I can’t hear anything. I decided to do later.

I wish two Blazers players did well this season: Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. These two came from Maryland University in which they got the NCAA championship title in 2002, vs. Syracuse, where Carmelo Anthony, a NBA star player at Denver, played. He grew up, rapidly, on the other hand, Dixon and Blake have never had a sunshine.

I liked Maryland team at that time with pretty good balance. However, it might be the reality, which means, the difficulty to fit NBA and be accepted by it. Many players are not under the sun, although they got the same title in college. Shane Battier from Duke, playing at Memphis, got the starting member last season, fortunately. But, he was not voted in NBA All Star, the biggest dream for al NBA players. High school players are focused recently. LeBron James, playing at Cleveland, is one of the successful examples.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-12 10:17 | @Portland

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