Economic is always moving.

I took a quiz of MKTG 376, which has every-week ones. It’s pretty tough. I have to get ready for scoring higher. For the first time, I spent a couple hours to read the text in three weeks. That’s why I might score better than I did in the last two weeks. I realized again that it’s crucial/needed to read carefully before the beginning of classes. Today’s quiz was unique. Its last question is about the wife of the guest speaker who talked about Oregon trade last week.

Where’s she from?
This is the last one. The answer was France although I wrote it down, successfully. It’s the first time for all students to write smth in some blanks of this quiz. It made this quiz more difficult.

While taking Econ 410, I gave some examples about Japanese economic rapid growth: Tokyo Olympic. It is one of the typical symbols as the results that Japan spent pretty good time in 1960s.

During break, I talked to the instructor about that Toyota recalls 75,000 Prius hybrids. Moreover, I gave that Korean jobless rate rises up. Its number, to 4.0 from 3.6, is the highest in four years, since April 2001.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-13 19:22 | @Portland

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