Focus Provided Special Nite.

I went to FOCUS having Indian Night. I ate Indian foods. How’s taste? I can’t answer here. I wanna go to Japanese restaurant, rite now, lol. Tonite also over three hundreds students and staffs enjoyed themselves. Indian students, going almost to PSU, presented us about their country: size, population, economic power, IT, national/traditional places.

Finally, I can listen to its music w/ electric guitars, though. But it’s good. As Beth, who I met tonite and is a member of Focus, said, Japanese Night will be held in this quarter. I really wanna attend it. According to another member, there was no Japanese rice, lol. I don’t exactly know if it’s true, though.

When I got out the church, it rained. But, we r going home to drink: me, Yusuke Yosikawa, and Koji. We are talking about lots of things; from int’l issue to accidents in high school. Oh, I forgot the most important news. Yuta Tabuse, the first Japanese to play at NBA, plays at LA. His play time is pretty short, but he has to appeal to remain the team facing the 05-06 season. I like him. I love him. He is my everything so far, just about hoops.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-14 08:55 | @Portland

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