In One Second.

For the first time, I watched Football game in my eyes. I went to the PGE park, having that game PSU vs. Montana State Univ. I saw the miracle in one second. MSU caught up w/ PSU in 1min and half left of the fourth quarter, scoring 41 to 41. PSU got back the possession from MSU in 23 seconds left. It reached at 40 yards far from the goal w/ three plays.

# 35, whose name I don’t know, kicked the ball; here was the last touch of the game. He got it. We got three more points, leading us to beat them, 44 to 41. I was so excited, although it was pretty cold. After that we decided to drink in my room.

What we concentrated was Sudoku, new mathematic game, which is a big boom in Europe. There are on like chase board, putting from 1 to 9 each row and line, and in the box. We stayed up late at nite by 4am. Actually, it’s at 7am that I went to bed, lol. But, for the first time, I used completely my math brain since I’m here,lol. Additionally, Yusuke Sato is interested in the job hunting, so I taught him as long as I know.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-15 08:57 | @Portland

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