Running periodically Is Difficult.

It was at 1pm that I got up. I just rested for four hours, I need more though. Until I left for Broadway, I stayed in my room. I did watch MLB and cook dinner. I have a couple of days left to get ready for Boston. I gotta start writing a Japanese resume in Japanese, so-called “Seisho.” The number of this sheet means that of companies I applied.

Before I left my room, I found Oka in mixi, lol, who starts studying abroad to California State University East Bay. I always called him that, whose full name is Yuta Oka, who is one year younger than me, belonged to the same b-ball club, and graduated the same high school. His English skill is incredible, of course, better than mine.

Many students have been abroad before entering a high school and college; we called “Kikoku-shijo.” He is part of them. They remind me of thinking that they are superior to us, “inside” Japanese, in English. They did score higher the exams of listening. I wanna be like that someday.

But, what I can say rite now is those who have studied abroad will be like that. They can listen to American’s speaking w/ no doubt and speak English w/ no shame. It’s up to ur “passion” at your interest.

It’s the most unforgettable word for me so far.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-16 20:06 | @Portland

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