Highest Computer Lab.

Rite now I’m on board/on the sky. It’s first time for me to use the laptop during flight. The main reason why I’m using so far is because I gotta submit the article assignment by tmrrw morning. I’m done half of four articles from the New York Times.

Now I’m wonder if I’m using my PC when I became a salary man, who often gotta fly beyond the border for the meeting, or smth. I wanna work w/ speaking English. That’s why I chose international companies, like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, or Morgan Stanley.

However, it could be wrong, I found. The job w/ using English has no meanings. I strongly hope that what I really wanna do were the job. It’s better if it needs some English skills/works. I’m not sure what my “real” job is, so far. But, I’m pretty interested in Money, such as banking, finance, stock, or securities. I’d like to recognize what an economy is going and will be.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-24 14:56 | @Portland

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