Value at Information.

For the first time, I attended ESL in a week. Firstly, I presented my big experience in Boston for a while. Fortunately, everybody became interested in it, giving me lots of questions. I showed a couple of pens of companied which rejected me there. We spent talking about Fahrenheit 451, must-read novel in class.

This story is kinds strange. In this world people can’t read anything, even newspapers and books. The fireman as a job has changed. It means works on avoid and fight at the fire as a firefighter rite now, meanwhile in its society it means to burn any books to inform everybody as much as possible.

The information comes only from radio or TV in such a society. Reminder!! What is information? You need to think about anything with this information from TV or books. This novel wants to show/address what an important it is to think about what you become interested in from books. In its society people forgot the meaning of such information.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-26 18:02 | @Portland

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