Time for Carving.

Week 5 was over. It’s pretty fast, hun? I gotta submit the final paper of ESL a.s.a.p. Carey is waiting for only me, the last student to do that. I’m writing about the purpose of college education, focusing on college basketball players. Although it’s up to two pages long, I must summarize it well.

Another I gotta do for this class due to next Monday is keeping tracks, which is how much/how many hours I often spend time dairy. It’s the boring assignment, isn’t it? The instructor also notices that, I guess. Firstly, I must record my dairy schedule, but I didn’t do that at all, yet. I gotta do that by Monday, shit, anyway.

I joined Focus which had a Pumpkin Carving. I and Yuumi worked together to make a creative one. Actually, it’s more difficult and hard to cut it than expected. Once I started it, I didn’t stop it any more, I really cared about that my clothes would be dirty cus of pumpkin. I had the wonderful experience, obviously.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-28 10:56 | @Portland

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