Originally Trick or Treat.

Week 6 begun. I read the handout about Halloween that the tradition of dressing in costume has both English and Celtic roots. First of all, the citizens were afraid of the darkness. Thus, they hate winter, when the daytime is getting shorter, or the time of dark night longer. They thought that ghosts came back to the earth during festivals, too. Two things you have to do are to dress in costume like ghost and put bowls in front of houses. Whenever you go outside house, you must look like ghost, who attacks human.

When dressing in costume, what do you have to say? (that’s for only kids? I’m not sure.) “Trick or treat.” If you says that, you can get candy or cookie from each house, typically. This festival is very common, especially in Maryland. Moreover, it’s the second largest festival spending money, $6.9 B last year.

Finally, is it fitted for Japanese tradition? Actually, the largest parade was held at Kawasaki this weekend in Japan. 3,000 people dressed in costume. However, I’ve never seen dressed kids walking around town, and I’ve never done, even. It’s true that it’s the best date for grocery shoppers to sell goods and foods.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-31 17:52 | @Portland

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