Worldwide Strategy.

Be different.

Here is the main slogan of The New Group, whose resident of the International Center came to our MKTG class this morning. Its business style is very interesting, and completely different from American large grocery shopper like Wal-Mart, which has spent money to succeed in Japan w/ Seiyu in a few years. It doesn’t try to change its business concept, or American style.

On the other hand, The New Group is flexible enough to do business overseas, such as Japan and China. Steven Marshall, who has a big interest in Japan and has studied abroad there during school, presented how to hire employees, firstly. He said that it tried to find the nation, Japanese, especially as designer when the company starts doing business in Japan. He added that their policy is “be local, be relevant and be bold.”

Only nation knows what the news is there, meanwhile no foreign designer knows that. For instance, the company promotes how to sell DVDs of mainly American movies. Most Japanese prefer quantity to quality. Whenever I bought DVDs, they were attached with some extra goods, such as a guide book, a pamphlet, another DVD, and whatever. This traditional information was told by, of course, Japanese designers.

His presentation was so interesting that finally, I asked him at the end of class why he chose Keiko University to study abroad. I was just curious about that as those who are going to its competitive university (you know).


It’s time for the first step I have to do.




  by tkpsu | 2005-11-01 08:49 | @Portland

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