Learning Something New.

The rain doesn’t wanna stop running for at least 30 days. In the reality, I have just one day w/out shower. For all of students from Japan it should be the first time to experience such a terrible day, making everybody sad, as well as native Oregonians. Talking about the temperature, it’s too cold to get up early, a little bit. In fact, that in Tokyo is up to 20 centigrade, meanwhile that in Portland is around 10℃.

I felt too cold as soon as I arrived at the airport this March. But the 7-month-stay made me got used to such a temperature. It is scary, isn’t it? For instance, the Iraq War has occurred for a few years. Though even all Americans strongly disagree on it, we have fewer opportunities to watch it on TV right now. This situation could be normal for us over the world. Hence, I don’t wanna get used to anything.

I try to look for and feel anything new everyday. New I found today is the marketing price on the Internet auction. According to my instructor of Econ 410, who bought the lap top of Dell on its net auction, the bet price you made will reach at the marketing price even if it is much more expensive than that you made a bet. He felt that the economics worked well for the first time since he has studied it.

Unfortunately, his lap top was broken five weeks later, which are longer by one week than the return guaranteed weeks, four weeks long. After that he’s never made a bet. What I felt is that it’s the first time and the last time for him that economics works well.

It is fun to live with thinking about anything new or you don’t know.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-03 18:28 | @Portland

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