Life is Flexible.

I talked about my strategy of the job hunting during the presentation about keeping track. To be honest, I didn’t prepare for it so much, making it more difficult for audience to understand what I wanna say. Only I wanted to tell them was to shift what is the most significant every time.

First of all, specifically speaking, right before the career forum in Boston, I focused on thinking about myself, like 80 percent of my brain. Now researching companies occupies mainly it. That’s the big shift, but it’s normal for people. For instance, some students think the time w/ friends is the most important, others think that w/ their family, especially here, is so.

What I wanna say thru this presentation, in general, is that an individual idea is very flexible. It is normal and general that you change your mind whenever you need. As a result, you will change spending more or less time in your dairy life. However, you should think about what to do next every time everywhere.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-04 05:37 | @Portland

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