Making me tougher.

Only joy I expect every Sunday night is to play hoops in da gym, which is fuller than Spring Term. Thus, it’s getting difficult to play it. Unfortunately, everybody has classes next day, and also time is too late, from 7 pm. There were up to 6 players, including me. We played “21”, firstly. Do u guys know it? After it we did “3 on 3.”

I’m gonna explain what “21” is, briefly. We gotta fight individually each other. In other words, there are on companions. Who’s a winner? It is the first player to reach 21 points. That’s why we call it “21.” Whaz the diference b/w here and Japan? That’s how to count points. In the int’l rule, we have either three or two by one shot as a field goal. On the other hand, the American street rule is only either two or one.

Whyz that? One reason is the size of court of NCAA, which is a little bit smaller than the regular int’l one. The other is the technique to shoot, which is much better than I expected. The last one is the play time, which will be better if you can take much more time to play.

I’d like to play b-ball next Sunday, too.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-06 08:41 | @Portland

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