In Terms of my Assignment.

It’s at 5 to twelve that I arrived at the library to print my assignment out. I’d like to introduce one of them about the int’l business. One article from the New York Times said that Toshiba, which has tried to make HD-DVD standard as a main stream, took a risk to choose the Chinese market.

In contrast, Sony and the Blu-ray group, including Hollywood companies, Panasonic and one American largest retailer Best Buy, licensed their technology. That made it more difficult to sell cheaper, especially made by Chinese products. They sought not the cheaper price but the quality.

Tow of China’s largest made-to-order DVD makers, Amoi and JiangKui, said that they would start using Toshiba’s HD-DVD format. Therefore it will invite the Chinese to drive down prices, although it’s gonna be risky.

Who’s gonna be a winner at this case? Sony, which lost the Betamax machines, or Toshiba? Nobody knows. But the answer is much closer today.

Let’s go back to talk about my life a little bit. I attended ESL on time, of course, having the quiz. That’s

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-07 17:00 | @Portland

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