Spending time for Mid.

I tried to play b-ball tonight, but I can’t. Unfortunately, there are some games as intramural sports. Only registered player can stand on the court. All I did is to just watch a game for a while. I’ve seen most of the players on the court before. In the spring term I often join some of them at the gym to play hoops.

I felt that they were on the top of PSU, which is not famous for sports so much, expect for students of athletic department. I was a little bit depressed, but they are superior to Japanese players, still. One of them came Sunday night, too, who were very kind to me. In fact, he is very good, have the quickness, and the stable ability to shoot. I might face lots of must-learn technique I don’t have and should steal.

I went to the library shortly after going home once. The mid term exam has come. Interestingly, it’s not a general one, but take-home paper that I can take it home to think about it, deeply (hopely). I gotta answer 4 out of 6 hard questions about East Asian Economy. I won’t sleep well this weekend, anyway.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-09 04:46 | @Portland

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