Personal TV was Boring.

How happy I felt today is I have the two-day extension of a mid term paper. Firstly, the deadline was next Tuesday. The instructor gave us two more days, due to next Thursday. When he announced that in the class, everybody was so happy as well as me. I don’t know why he did, it was the most significant announcement though.

I didn’t plan to go to bar at all. However, as you know, I went there cuz of two more days. There were me, Yusuke, Shuntaro, Shiemi, and Asuka. It was the first time to drink w/ some of them. It was very nice time cuz I got drunk(?). I don’t know. Anyway, I went comfortably to bed. I mean, my memory has gone shortly after going to bed.

What I thought in the bar is just how fun here is. In other words, it’s very interesting to drink w/ my eyes on sports TV. In fact, I’ve never been in such a situation in Japan. I thought it’s the best to watch sports at home, sometimes by myself. Here were not only friends, but other sports lovers who have the same spirit as me: Sports help the world. Stuff like that,lol.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-10 17:12 | @Portland

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