Optimistic: You Gotta Believe.

It is the last message on the screen board when the Blazers had the chance to tie up the game.

This is the second game to watch in this season. Detroit Pistons defeated Portland Trail Blazers. It is one of the favorite teams in NBA, especially which plays beautifully or perfectly. Its strategy to win is no doubt that nobody stops in any game. I love such a team, which don’t win but lose. Do u understand?

Before leaving for the Rose Garden, I went to West Hall, one on-campus dorm, to pin handouts about the moving sales. Even one in Epler was successful, so I try to spread a territory. I went to Safeway, too. I got a little bit, like milk, ham, etc. To be honest, I don’t wanna buy any more cuz leaving here in 30 days. I really care about the fridge.

Let’s kick back to the rose garden. The game was broadcasted by ESPN, one biggest sports broadcasting company tonight. I saw more TV cameras than before. Moreover, I found Bill Walton, one main caster on it, who himself was a NBA player (from Portland to Boston).

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-11 17:46 | @Portland

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