Running High.

I got up early at 7 in an effect to prepare for TOEIC. I planed to go w/ Yu, which was a punctual man. Since we had a little bit time by bus for Lake Oswego, we got coffee at Seattle’s Best. I didn’t like it. In other words, I did hate something bitter. As Mom loves it, I have tried some times, but I didn’t get used to it.

Individual taste is always changing. In fact, I won’t eat any sweets I ate when I was little. That’s how I came to like coffee, which I thought it as one of the grown-up food for not children, but older people than they. Two friends of mine have coffee makers at home. I come to want it in Japan, where I’ll start living by myself.

Moving back to TOEIC, to be honest, it was not easy. I found again that it’s the toughest works to score more than 900. Another friend of mine, who graduated the same high school, and goes the same department in the same university as me, got 980 a few weeks ago. It’s crazy and awesome, I know.

But, think about this: how much do u understand even Japanese? If we have a special linguistic examination, will u score the perfect? I won’t, lol. What I wanna say is just how cool he is. I wanna catch up w/ him a.s.a.p.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-12 16:18 | @Portland

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