Night is for sleeping? Or studying?

Despite the reality that I gotta finish up the mid-term paper, I went to the Rose Garden. It was no doubt. Fortunately, I got the signature of Chris Duhon, PG #21 at Chicago Bulls, who is sophomore and graduated Duke University. I knew him since he was the college player. I was happier that I not only saw him but also got his signature. Can you imagine how glad I am?

When I walked back to home after the game, where Blazers beat interestingly Bulls, the reality came up my mind. I decided to gotta study without sleeping in order to finish up my paper. It was at 10:30pm that I arrived at Broadway computer lab after half an hour break.

In fact, I didn’t sleep at all, but I didn’t finish it up. I have to add one page and half. I’d like Glen or Carey to correct my rough paper before handing in it. I’m wondering if I finish it up successfully and visit them. I’ll do my best, anyway.

I will never forget this one day, contributing to the first un-sleep night.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-16 13:13

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