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The young team is kind enough to me to have some signatures of NBA players. Such a team will never lose da game (v. Blazers). It is located in Oakland, California, but its name doesn’t include da name of city, but da nickname, which makes me considering as the Gold Rush. Thank you, Golden State Worriers.

Although I arrive at Rosa Garden at 5:30pm every night, it is at 6pm to enter the garden. When Detroit Pistons came here, it was at 5:30pm. I’m not sure why it’s later to go inside. First of all, the reason why I’m there early is nothing but to get the signature. Fortunately, I got five signatures tonight, I didn’t have any Detroit’s though.

It is w/ Shun that I went and watched every game, who is one TNP student, knowledgeable about sports and loves them. By the way, what I wanna do on Thanksgiving Day is just to visit his host family all day. I’m just asking him if it is possible. As he said, it’s easy. Sounds nice!!

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-18 05:20 | @Portland

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