Anything can be dream.

How many times did I go to the theater on Tuesday? What we watched today was “Chicken Little,” one of the films of Walt Disney, such as Lion King, Beauty and Beast, etc. A friend of mine, who watched it before, said that it was not good so much. But, I like such a simple successful story.

The “Little Chicken,” a main character, who is so small that he can’t play sports, asked his dad if he tried to play baseball. Unfortunately, he rejected the dream of his son. Dad was named as MVP when he was a baseball player in the school. The physical difference was obvious, dad noticed.

I wanna stop describing the movie here. Those who wanna know the rest of its story hurry immediately up to the theater. I wanna watch again. In other words, I’ll watch it in Japan, especially in Roppongi Hills, my favorite place. With whom will I get to there? I have no idea about that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-15 07:58 | @Portland

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