2 times a week I can play.

My life might change a little bit to the right way. I went to da gym as if it were an entire lifestyle. There were the most players since I joined Sunday night. Yijung, Chinese friend, also joined us to have a nice time. Additionally, Shiemi and Naoko were there to just watch da game. I’m not sure if I was nervous. I couldn’t score any more than one lay-up shot.

After da time, providing totally three games, one American guy came up to me. “You wanna play Wednesday?” he said. I realized immediately that what he means was Intramural Basketball. He asked me if I wanna join them guys and play hoops together as one of the team members.

Although it was too late, it was the biggest change for me. As u know, the basketball is on of the most popular and competitive sports in the United States. I was very glad. Now I have to shift my mind to do my best in playing from be happy. I’m looking forward to playing w/ them.

At night I went to Broadway to finish up troublesome stuffs. It was 2:30am that I went home.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-20 16:53 | @Portland

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