No reason no Vodafone.

It was the first time for me to work as a part-time job in Portland, where we are not allowed to earn w/ any way. Just I did at Waseda Oregon office was to put a postcard into each pamphlet. Seven of us worked together for an hour. If less than seven came there, we couldn’t finish it up for such a short time.

I got $10 as kinda salary, fortunately. Next I did shortly after the job was to eat a big mac at McDonald, which provides a dollar-big mac every Monday. I went to Broadway after having a tiny dinner, finishing the article assignment of MKTG 376. One topic I chose is about Russian natural gas business, which decides to come through Turkey as a hub.

The other I read was that Vodafone is in trouble in both Europe and Japan. The share in both is decreasing cuz of the lack of competitiveness. I have used only its cell phone. The reason why I am a user of the Vodafone is because of the discount price as a group of family. Its price marketing is better than two other rivals in Japan: NTT Docomo and au by KDDI.

Although I worry about the shortage of the variation of designs, I’ll do contract w/ the Vodafone again.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-21 18:25 | @Portland

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