Have fun?? or not?

You know what!? The winner can play forever as long as they don’t lose da game. My circle, Whynot, have not accepted such a survival style. The main reason why we have is because of equality to play, one Japanese good and bad tradition. Talking about Whynot, first, we usually divide players per 5, which make one team. If 17 players show up, we will have 3 teams (5, 6 and 6) for instance.

On the other hand, here American guys decide a team by shooting. Before we start da game, we say “shoot for team.” The first five players who made free throw/ three pointers are the first team. Like that the second five are the second team. Finally, the possession for the first offense depends on “shoot for ball.”

When is the game over? We have a time keeper each game overseas. It usually takes 8 minutes, which are divided by half for the substitution. It is part of equality I think. Every player can stand on the court each game. Meanwhile, some American guys can’t play in one game.

Although there are some differences, I enjoyed myself well. I’m wondering if I can have time to play more.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-23 19:22 | @Portland

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