Definitely I’ll help you.

A friend of mine, Koji, moved to Broadway. I went there to help him after MKTG and lunch. Surprisingly, he didn’t get ready for it at all. What we started first is packing, lol. Another thing I can talk about him is that he is lucky. 6 friends gathered totally to help him. You know what!? Japanese guys are pretty kind to friend of their.

It took three hours, anyway. The movement which started at 2pm was finished up at nearly 5pm. But, since I had a class from 4:40pm, I just said to him, “good luck.” The 2nd surprising thing I felt is a number of furniture a student, who live by himself, has. On the other scale, I don’t have such a amount, and actually there are nothing but a bed mat I rent from Misa.

According to Japanese moving staffs, the number of my furniture I’ll use in new place is more than usual student living alone. And also I’m very concerned how large my room is cuz I wanna have a love-sofa which will make it more comfortable. I wish I got as cheap one as possible.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-22 14:40 | @Portland

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