Made customers buy more.

I left home at 4:30am with only two-hour sleep. Nov. 25th which is right after Thanksgiving is the biggest date for sales in a year. Taka-san drove five of us to Wal-Mart, Woodburn, and a mall whose name I forgot. The 2nd one is awesome. There are Adidas, Nike, Puma, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Levis, etc.

Despite really early morning, lots of families showed up every where. The funny thing happened in one world-largest grocer store which controlled Seyu in Japan. The electric section was the most crowded and popular cuz the fryer said the big sales, obviously. I wanna focus on the grocery section. Nobody was right there. That’s funny. Moreover, meats are put next to discounted TVs.

All stuffs I bought are two watches and two T-shirts at Nike, shoes at Puma and jeans at CK. Because of the big sale, I didn’t wanna take time to decide whether to buy or not. I took whatever gave me a great impression. As I said before, it’s unusual to do that. I usually take time for shopping.

Nov. 25th became one of the moat memorable days in Portland, anyhow

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-25 16:29

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