Encourage Viks to bring more students.

For the first time I ate Shushi since Clint took me w/ Riku on March, when I arrived here. Who took three TNP crews there was Taka-san who got suddenly extra money by the gamble of Japanese Racing Association. First of all, although we tried to be at Shinju, Japanese restaurant, located at Pearl district, it was closed. We left for 23rd, which has some restaurants.

We was very engaged in Japanese food, interestingly. What came our eyes next was Yuki, whose branch Taka-san knew. Actually, I’ve been there with Keiko in March. In spite of Japanese restaurant, all employees are Korean, so the taste is a little bit different from the real Japanese food. Yet it’s ok, I mean, it’s enough to remind us of Japanese stuffs. On the way to home, we helped Shiemi to lift the love-sofa to her room. I thought she did the economical shopping.

At this night I went to the Scott Center to watch PSU Vikings of women’s basketball against Arkansas. Two sad things happened to me. One is the number of audience, especially of current students, which was too short. Another is the level/quality of plays, which was too low. Ironically, it might lose Japan’s girl high school teams.

After game, I had dinner on the bottom of Iron Plaza. Finally, we played “twister,” which Yusuke got from his friend whose house he visited on Thanksgiving. We took an hour and half as if we were little.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-26 08:31 | @Portland

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