Tidal Wave in myself.

The awesome visit, my first to 23rd in a half a year, was seen as one of the best time I had. It was such a clod day that we decided to walk in shop by shop next to next, which has a warm atmosphere. There are more cute and fashionable goods than expected. In the first shop to visit I bought a Christmas card. What is it for? I don’t wanna answer it, lol.

After some kitchen stores, we reached the Urban Outfitters, where we can some similarities to Japan’s stores. It is hard to explain what an example is though. Its business will be successful if it starts overseas. Only one difference I found is how much there is space. It’s gonna be one largest problem in Japan, where a rent is the world-most-expensive as every body knows.

What I got there is a T-shirts w/ music notes printed and a black velore jacket. Although they also are for ladies, I did buy’em. On the way to home, I bought a unique T-shirts at Adidas, which is sold in only Portland. I have the same one of NY. Can you imagine what a wonderful day it was? Kicking back to a luncheon, a café was so cute.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-27 13:09 | @Portland

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