Harder class gave more satisfaction.

Of course, I got up this morning too, even at 7:00am. The most favorite class is likely to end up. Am I sad? Yes, I am. Despite the last lecture, it was very exciting as usual. The most exciting part we had is the immigration for business. We discuss from Visa to Green card, whose color is actually pink (I didn’t know that. I just thought it was of course green).

After the last class, I was in Seattle’s Best in order to do the job hunting. I’ve just written on the specialized notebook, which I made after Boston Career Forum on October. What I’ve done is the reason why I want to apply the company. I have to (can?) use the 1000 characters in Japanese. It’s much longer than ordinary companies give us as a task.

The last elective class at PSU was Econ 410: East Asian Economy Development. We talked briefly about what we have studied this quarter. How much is the education significant? What is the graduation which means the success to be a member of the developed countries? How about the language issue? Are you wealth? You wanna be? Regardless of Japanese instructor I did enjoy this class.

I’ll finish all of classes tomorrow, except for the final.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-01 11:27 | @Portland

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