Enjoy cooking Japan’s stuff.

Before talking about today’s incident, I gotta back to the last night. We had the biggest home-party of TNP since we came here. I had a wonderful time, it was located at Kina’s room though. Certainly, the closing ceremony was awesome. All students and staffs were there, where Naoko and Moto had great speeches to thank all of them for 9 months.

It was at 2 pm that I got up cuz I stayed up late night by 4am. All I had to do at night was whether to join the group to cook Okonomiyaki, Japanese traditional food, or go to the Rose Garden, which would invite Indiana Pacers. As you noticed later, I was much stuffed w/ scores of Osaka-fu ones.

How joyful cooking is! The preparation is important for me, taking us to Uwajimaya, one Japanese grocery store. We bought lots of stuffs to cook it for nearly 10 people, we were 5 people together at that time though. Finally, we shared Okonomiyaki with 8 people. The amount we bought was enough.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-02 21:04 | @Portland

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