In his room.

What time did I go to bed this morning? Morning? Exactly, it was at 8 am that I came back home from Broadway, where I finished my paper up. Its length was seven that I thought an easy number. What about the reality? It was so tough. One of the most difficult to write such a long paper is to keep concentrating on it not to lose the way. It is no meaning that nobody understands my paper cuz of the disorganization.

I have the huge final left after handing in that econ paper. It was the first time to visit the department of economics. Although I walked around and found it before, I’ve never submitted a paper nor ask professor. Despite the rule that it is due to 5pm, I saw most papers. It was at 4pm. What that meant is that nobody followed me.

Some of the students taking the same Econ class did presentations with good preparations, which might help seriously their paper. u know what!? Since I did not, my stock was completely zero (I might say negative cuz the others started already).

What a fxxking crazy guys doing! It was so funny to see what drunk people r gonna do next. In the reality, Keita threw away a shoe and a jacket of Yusuke, which went immediately down from 14th floor.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-05 21:21 | @Portland

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