Reminder what team is strong.

Although we ate Okonomiyaki last night, it was at 4 am that I went to bed. I don’t know why. Only one thing I can say is that my life style is completely shifting to Japan’s from Portland’s in a week. I might tend to be in Japan w/ no doubt, I’ll be back to my country next week though.

It was at 2pm that I got up. Just I thought is that this time shows how lazy college students are. They have less early classes than elementary to high school students do. They don’t have to get up early so much. Whether to get up early is up to you. It is pretty funny, isn’t it? Do you know why college students become lazy?

Certainly, there are some students who are not lazy, especially Vikings. Men’s basketball team showed us its aggressiveness, it lost the game though. “Middle Tennessee Beats Viks in the late-going, 65-62” ( What I felt thru this game was how much Viks is disorganized, particularly comparing w/ Duke or North Carolina. Waseda will defeat Viks only if taking a look at that point.

It was both the first time and last time, anyhow.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-03 17:45 | @Portland

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