Dramatically Upset Win!

I went to the Rose Garden of course for NBA at 7 to 10pm, when Wolves defeated Blazers, 84 -74. Since I arrived there early as usual, I got the autograph of Marko Jaric (#55), an international player from Serbia & Montenegro, who plays at Minnesota. He had played at Los Angels Clippers for 3 years right before coming to the northern city.

His two straight three-pointers killed Portland, which is the 6th place, bottom, in the northwest division. He netted totally 19 points, leading Wolves to remain the top of this division. According to most media, it is said that Wolves would be weaker than last season w/out two veteran guards: Sam Cassell (now LAC) and Latrel Sprewell (now no team).

I was there w/ Pannaful, whose visit tonight is the first in a couple of months. Between me and her, it’s both the first and last time to spend time together. The reason why I thought that is because of only me. You know what!? As I said, I have only 48 hours left.

I’m looking forward to going to Rose Garden the day after tomorrow.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-07 04:03 | @Portland

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