How hard to manage da team.

For da first time, I just wanna write weblog in English since come-back to Japan last December. U know what!? I'm concentrating on the job hunting shortly after finishing studying abroad. In fact, I visited 11 companies for 15 days last year. It was satisfying me very well. What I have to do rite now is just to keep finishing up Entry Sheets, which are for applying, having interviews, and getting hired.

It was time to discuss how to manage da team, B-Squad, last nite. Since I’ll be senior, I’ll be not able to be concerned w/ such a problem. Main managers are junior like of others circles. What I plan to do next year is just to take part in games and practices.

I need to finish up da job hunting a.s.a.p. After that I’ll enjoy the rest of school life. Moreover, I’m looking forward to seeing how well B-Squad improves this year.

  by tkpsu | 2006-02-18 10:29 | @Japan

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