long time no update. sorry about that.

well, da new year has come in Japan's education system. it means that da most significant moment has come for me like expected-graduates who are looking for job. it's called "the job hunting." Mostly companies have just started the hiring program from April 1st.

Actually, I walked pretty well from Aoyama to Otemachi, haveing 2 tests and 2 interviews. how were those? don't ask me,lol.
well, just i said rite now is that 2 tests were so hard and 2 interviews were so exciting andsatisfying.

Fortunately, i got the call from one of the companies I visited today. i'll see him tmrrw. to be honest, it'd be an important interview. did u get it? i can't say anything more.

I'll inform u guys as soon i get the best news.

  by tkpsu | 2006-04-01 23:27 | @Japan

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