2005年 03月 27日 ( 1 )


It's Easter.

I got up at 1:15 pm,lol. ‘caz I used my PC till 3 am; internet, chat, keeping a diary, check how get to Las Vegas, where I plan to go there this summer vacation w/ friends from high school. An’ I got the call from Riku. We got decide to go to da mall to buy a birthday present for Keiko, who goes to PSU and is gonna be 20 this Tuesday. We’ll celebrate her including I, though only few days passed since we met, lol.

We aimed to that Lloyd Center again on Clint’s car. But it was close because unfortunately for us, while fortunately for Catholic it was Easter. Thus we went to the Fred Meyer, one of big grocery stores and bought a bean bag as our gift for three guys. As for me I bought 50 CD-Rs, $ 14.99 and Mentos, lol, in charge.

After purchases we had late lunch and ate Sushi near UWAJIMAYA, Japanese grocery store, where I bought furikake for rice. One I was surprised was to be able to get every Japanese magazine, such as 20 century boy, one piece, Naruto, GOOD LUCK, Hello work for 13, wall of death. Actually names are wrong,lol. I just named them now in English.

As soon as we went home to Riku’s dorm, I watched NBA on TV, PHI-LAL. I’m a Phil freak. Phil won even away game. I was so happy. At the same I made friends; Misa, Japanese, and Korean Japanese guy.


Rikuのところで見たNBAも楽しかった。My Philが見事にLAを撃破したからね。ハッピー②.みさってコと、在日韓国の友達ができた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-27 15:00 | @Portland