2005年 05月 19日 ( 1 )


Shinyu-★ or Best Friend☆

I was either active or inactive today. I went to STA Travel near PSU campus in order to look for cheapest air fares for LA and Europe, especially Paris. A staff was kind enough to search’em accurately as my request.

A first journey is for LA. I’m gonna go from PDX and three guys from Japan, and then we r to gather and drive around LA to Grand Canyon. This seven-day trip needs a car, so we’ll rent it at LAX thr Almo. She showed me the cheapest air fare; $298.80-. At the same time, I can see the prices of youth hostels at LA and GC. They are $23- and $14-. Now I’m waiting for other Japanese guys’ responses. Fortunately, she held my two requests. I’m gonna go back as early as possible. I’m absolutely looking forward to this summer.
Second trip is for Europe. According to her, Paris is the cheapest destination from PDX. I trust her, I mean, my wallet is up to her. I’ve not decided well yet, where I go/ visit. Anyway, this air fare is $ 1171.15-. Europe-trip will start from 29 Aug thr 20 Sep.

One more legend has gone on the NBA court at Indiana. He has played for 18 years at the same team, Indiana Pacers. He is called ‘clutch shooter’ caz he made a biggest shot which shut the game many times. Many basketball lovers hope they played like him. His movement, especially before receiving a pass to take a shot, is perfect. He played against another legend, Michael Jordan in 1998. Please remember his name. This legend was named ‘Reggie Miller’ 39 years ago.

I cooked Yakimashi, fried rice, which my family always calls. It tasted like family’s. Since I cooked’em too much, I gave her, neighborhood girl. I really expect her sweets.

Summer Tripが一歩現実へと近づいた。というのも今日、STA Travelへ行き、いろいろ相談してきたのだ。詳しくは上記を頑張って読んで欲しい。この旅行会社のスタッフの人は、とても親切に一番安いチケットを探してくれた。LA行きはもう日にちが決まっていたので、すぐに見つかったが、問題は欧州篇。だってどの空港にするのかすら決めてなかったんだも。でも彼女はParisが一番行きやすく、安いと言っていたので、それに従った。しかも当初は9月の頭のチケットのほうが最も安いとのことだったが、「sold-out」って言われ、8月下旬のフライトに決まった。仕事がてきぱきしていて、とてもスムーズに相談は終わった。やっぱアメリカ人のノリはいい!!早く終わった最大の要因は、『自作のPaper』だったことをお忘れなく。っていっても、ただ単に言葉だけで説明するのでは、まだ英語に不満があるため、間違った予約になってしまってはこっちが困る。そう考え、ものの20分くらいで(←長いって??)タイプされたものをプリント・アウトし、STAに持参したってわけだ。明らかに、彼女は仕事がしやすそうだったw。




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