2005年 08月 29日 ( 1 )


Oh My New York!! @ NY

I arrive at NY LGA at 10:05am.
I'm in New York Public Library, where I can use da lab top for limited periods, such as 15 or 30 min. Fortunately, it costs nothin'. Sounds Good. I'll be here tomrrw, too.

I'm here, da center of da world, especially economical one. It's pretty hot. Do u wanna ask Why? Cuz they have da crazy humidity like Tokyo. Just when I walked one block, I became wet, lol. All I have to do here is to keep taking smth to drink for my health. Even da first day made three bottles of water dry.

First of all, I went and saw da Statue of Liberty below da lower Manhattan. I took da public bus and subway from LGA. To my surprise, da subway was similar to that in Tokyo. It's kida noisy and sometimes smelly, lol. Da most incredible point was no air condition system every platform of every station.

I arrived at Stetan Island Ferry station in 60-min bus&train. This ferry also cost free cuz it's used as one of da public transportations, as I said before. It was a little bit far from da statue, but it's enough. Additionally, I can see both Manhattan from Stetan Island and Stetan Island from Manhattan.

After seeing da symbol of US, I walked around that area, we called 'Wall Street'. I found New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and some popular banks: Deutche Bank and so on.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-29 09:05 | NY & Europe Journey