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Dramatically Upset Win!

I went to the Rose Garden of course for NBA at 7 to 10pm, when Wolves defeated Blazers, 84 -74. Since I arrived there early as usual, I got the autograph of Marko Jaric (#55), an international player from Serbia & Montenegro, who plays at Minnesota. He had played at Los Angels Clippers for 3 years right before coming to the northern city.

His two straight three-pointers killed Portland, which is the 6th place, bottom, in the northwest division. He netted totally 19 points, leading Wolves to remain the top of this division. According to most media, it is said that Wolves would be weaker than last season w/out two veteran guards: Sam Cassell (now LAC) and Latrel Sprewell (now no team).

I was there w/ Pannaful, whose visit tonight is the first in a couple of months. Between me and her, it’s both the first and last time to spend time together. The reason why I thought that is because of only me. You know what!? As I said, I have only 48 hours left.

I’m looking forward to going to Rose Garden the day after tomorrow.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-07 04:03 | @Portland

Six at Kinba.

Six out of eight who will leave here in a few weeks were gathered by one invitation. This dinner party was held right outside downtown and beyond Burnside St. We call this Chinese restaurant Kinba. Was that good? I think it’s better than its economical price. I had one of the best times I’ve ever had in Portland.

What I did in both morning and afternoon were to lift my packages, which will shipped to Tokyo in nearly 7 days, and to exchange my tops I bought last week at 23rd. First, all of three I packed have gone by Yamato’s staffs, successfully. Also focusing on the shipping cost, it’s not too expensive. Second, the left pocket was worn, unfortunately. Thus I asked the staff at Urban Outfitters. In addition to the exchange, I got another 10 dollars cased by the more discounted than last week. On the way to home, I bought two tops at Abercrombie & Fitch.

After the dinner, we helped Moeko, who is the first student to go back home, to finish packing. She will leave at 9am of tomorrow. I’m gonna show up to just say “good-bye and see you around in Japan.” In fact, she will re-start working at the bar in front of Waseda campus. Whenever I go there to do smth, I’ll see here again. It’s pretty easy, I think.

All I have to say at last is anyhow;
Thank you, Yusuke.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-06 20:32 | @Portland

In his room.

What time did I go to bed this morning? Morning? Exactly, it was at 8 am that I came back home from Broadway, where I finished my paper up. Its length was seven that I thought an easy number. What about the reality? It was so tough. One of the most difficult to write such a long paper is to keep concentrating on it not to lose the way. It is no meaning that nobody understands my paper cuz of the disorganization.

I have the huge final left after handing in that econ paper. It was the first time to visit the department of economics. Although I walked around and found it before, I’ve never submitted a paper nor ask professor. Despite the rule that it is due to 5pm, I saw most papers. It was at 4pm. What that meant is that nobody followed me.

Some of the students taking the same Econ class did presentations with good preparations, which might help seriously their paper. u know what!? Since I did not, my stock was completely zero (I might say negative cuz the others started already).

What a fxxking crazy guys doing! It was so funny to see what drunk people r gonna do next. In the reality, Keita threw away a shoe and a jacket of Yusuke, which went immediately down from 14th floor.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-05 21:21 | @Portland

Economic is fun?? or not.

I had a fxxking busy time cuz of three things I had to do; NBA, b-ball, and paper. First of all, I arrived earlier at the Rose Garden than ordinary people. The main reason is cuz of signature of player. Fortunately, I got one of the starting members of Utah, who came from Croatia. He did better than I expected. Giricek was awesome. I realized again how better European players do than American NBA players do.

Second, I had to be in the gym to play b-ball. I knew it was the last play to do there before my departure. Moreover, Dan was there. Although I couldn’t play the 5-on-5 game, I did practice in shooting in 60mminutes. I talked to him at the end. He came from Chicago and expected to graduate in the following three terms. Anyhow, I’ll never forget him saying; “Have a safe flight.”

Finally, it was definitely required to get credits here: finish the econ paper. I was focusing on the topic: Japan’s challenge to be a leader in the Asian Crisis. I borrowed seven books from the library for that. You know what!? Nobody has used all of them for finishing paper up. I closed immediately three of them.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-04 21:36 | @Portland

Reminder what team is strong.

Although we ate Okonomiyaki last night, it was at 4 am that I went to bed. I don’t know why. Only one thing I can say is that my life style is completely shifting to Japan’s from Portland’s in a week. I might tend to be in Japan w/ no doubt, I’ll be back to my country next week though.

It was at 2pm that I got up. Just I thought is that this time shows how lazy college students are. They have less early classes than elementary to high school students do. They don’t have to get up early so much. Whether to get up early is up to you. It is pretty funny, isn’t it? Do you know why college students become lazy?

Certainly, there are some students who are not lazy, especially Vikings. Men’s basketball team showed us its aggressiveness, it lost the game though. “Middle Tennessee Beats Viks in the late-going, 65-62” (goviks.com). What I felt thru this game was how much Viks is disorganized, particularly comparing w/ Duke or North Carolina. Waseda will defeat Viks only if taking a look at that point.

It was both the first time and last time, anyhow.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-03 17:45 | @Portland

Enjoy cooking Japan’s stuff.

Before talking about today’s incident, I gotta back to the last night. We had the biggest home-party of TNP since we came here. I had a wonderful time, it was located at Kina’s room though. Certainly, the closing ceremony was awesome. All students and staffs were there, where Naoko and Moto had great speeches to thank all of them for 9 months.

It was at 2 pm that I got up cuz I stayed up late night by 4am. All I had to do at night was whether to join the group to cook Okonomiyaki, Japanese traditional food, or go to the Rose Garden, which would invite Indiana Pacers. As you noticed later, I was much stuffed w/ scores of Osaka-fu ones.

How joyful cooking is! The preparation is important for me, taking us to Uwajimaya, one Japanese grocery store. We bought lots of stuffs to cook it for nearly 10 people, we were 5 people together at that time though. Finally, we shared Okonomiyaki with 8 people. The amount we bought was enough.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-02 21:04 | @Portland

Harder class gave more satisfaction.

Of course, I got up this morning too, even at 7:00am. The most favorite class is likely to end up. Am I sad? Yes, I am. Despite the last lecture, it was very exciting as usual. The most exciting part we had is the immigration for business. We discuss from Visa to Green card, whose color is actually pink (I didn’t know that. I just thought it was of course green).

After the last class, I was in Seattle’s Best in order to do the job hunting. I’ve just written on the specialized notebook, which I made after Boston Career Forum on October. What I’ve done is the reason why I want to apply the company. I have to (can?) use the 1000 characters in Japanese. It’s much longer than ordinary companies give us as a task.

The last elective class at PSU was Econ 410: East Asian Economy Development. We talked briefly about what we have studied this quarter. How much is the education significant? What is the graduation which means the success to be a member of the developed countries? How about the language issue? Are you wealth? You wanna be? Regardless of Japanese instructor I did enjoy this class.

I’ll finish all of classes tomorrow, except for the final.

  by tkpsu | 2005-12-01 11:27 | @Portland

Nicest instructors are closest to myself.

All I have to do in the class of ESL, the presentation, is done. Last night after finishing making the movie, which is 12 minutes long, I have practiced it, by speaking loud, for instance. I felt I was perfect before going to bed. At the same time, I realized that it’s the last presentation for me, other students, and Carey.

Only sad thing during presentation was that my voice sucks cuz of the sickness. But it’s ok, it’s hard to listen tough. The other picked-up heroes were Son-Goku, Anpanman, Yamato, Frodo, Leon, and Lupin the Third. As it was said that Waseda University has lots of unique, ironically speaking strange, students, their presentation were pretty funny.

At the end of the class, our instructor Carey said that she doesn’t want to say good-bye. Although I expected her to cry, it didn’t happen. To be honest, her teaching style doesn’t always fit the want-to-learn spot of mine. It might show how significant the fate to meet a good instructor is.

All I can say about ESL is that thank you, Carey and Glen.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-30 05:21 | @Portland

Wondering how many times left.

Good Morning! It’s 7:40am on Tuesday. I’m wondering how many times left I gotta get up in such an early morning. The answer is quite obvious: only two times more. Can you imagine? Me? Of course, no, I can’t. I have two reasons why I wanna get up again and again.

One is because I don’t wanna finish studying abroad here. Every student who have studied abroad said that it’s too short. I can say the same thing, and another I wanna add is that I wanna stay more. Although I said that, I found that I had much more time to think about everything than in Japan: future, family, friend, joy, drink, etc.

Another is because I found the most excellent class here: MKTG 376 Int’l Business. It’s the best I’ve ever taken in both Waseda and Portland State. I strongly wish Paul taught in Waseda cuz of his humor, which is so attractive that many students opened their mouths.

I’ll never have such an early morning class in my life. If I have, it’s gonna be of graduate school.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-29 07:44 | @Portland

Output will give big impression.

I’m likely to have a cold. Actually, I don’t have any high fever, but I have a runny nose and a sore throat. What can I do for? It’s just to keep having something hot to drink, take medicine and sleep well. What’s the most significant for me? It is to leave a neck warm by a muffler, even when I’m in my room. Is it strange? I don’t care about your claims.

I had a final quiz about Fahrenheit 451 we have used as a text of ESL. Although it was a multiple, it had only 15 questions, which was, of course and fortunately, less than I thought. Therefore I can’t say it was either easy or difficult. I hope I scored higher. Yusuke Sato, one TNP crew, tried to work his visual aid for a next presentation, which is about hero in either Japan or US.

His aid was so awesome that I decided to steal his idea that a movie is working very well at audience. As soon as I was back to home, I just started creating mine. My hero is Simba in Lion King of Walt Disney. I gotta think about the limited time I will have: 10 minutes. I’m gonna use certain of movies and sounds from it.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-28 13:31 | @Portland