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Tidal Wave in myself.

The awesome visit, my first to 23rd in a half a year, was seen as one of the best time I had. It was such a clod day that we decided to walk in shop by shop next to next, which has a warm atmosphere. There are more cute and fashionable goods than expected. In the first shop to visit I bought a Christmas card. What is it for? I don’t wanna answer it, lol.

After some kitchen stores, we reached the Urban Outfitters, where we can some similarities to Japan’s stores. It is hard to explain what an example is though. Its business will be successful if it starts overseas. Only one difference I found is how much there is space. It’s gonna be one largest problem in Japan, where a rent is the world-most-expensive as every body knows.

What I got there is a T-shirts w/ music notes printed and a black velore jacket. Although they also are for ladies, I did buy’em. On the way to home, I bought a unique T-shirts at Adidas, which is sold in only Portland. I have the same one of NY. Can you imagine what a wonderful day it was? Kicking back to a luncheon, a café was so cute.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-27 13:09 | @Portland

Encourage Viks to bring more students.

For the first time I ate Shushi since Clint took me w/ Riku on March, when I arrived here. Who took three TNP crews there was Taka-san who got suddenly extra money by the gamble of Japanese Racing Association. First of all, although we tried to be at Shinju, Japanese restaurant, located at Pearl district, it was closed. We left for 23rd, which has some restaurants.

We was very engaged in Japanese food, interestingly. What came our eyes next was Yuki, whose branch Taka-san knew. Actually, I’ve been there with Keiko in March. In spite of Japanese restaurant, all employees are Korean, so the taste is a little bit different from the real Japanese food. Yet it’s ok, I mean, it’s enough to remind us of Japanese stuffs. On the way to home, we helped Shiemi to lift the love-sofa to her room. I thought she did the economical shopping.

At this night I went to the Scott Center to watch PSU Vikings of women’s basketball against Arkansas. Two sad things happened to me. One is the number of audience, especially of current students, which was too short. Another is the level/quality of plays, which was too low. Ironically, it might lose Japan’s girl high school teams.

After game, I had dinner on the bottom of Iron Plaza. Finally, we played “twister,” which Yusuke got from his friend whose house he visited on Thanksgiving. We took an hour and half as if we were little.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-26 08:31 | @Portland

Organized Family.

It was Thanksgiving Day, one biggest holiday in the United States, which has July 4th (a.k.a. Independence Day), Christmas day and New Year’s Day. I visited the huge family whose daughter is the host mother of Shun, a friend of mine. Do you understand? The reality is more complicated than I’m saying here. It’s better to stop it any more.

Two surprising things I found are number and kindness. When I got there, the number of relatives surprised me well: five couples and more than 10 kids. All of the kids had been playing till the dinner started. Meanwhile, adults were cooking, taking after them and talking.

Why did I enjoy? I’ve had nothing to do with that family since I joined them. Only one thing to make da distance much closer was to introduce myself. It has no special meaning. It is a rough and simple one. All of the family members were kind enough to me.

Finally, I noticed how important da family is.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-24 17:09 | @Portland

Have fun?? or not?

You know what!? The winner can play forever as long as they don’t lose da game. My circle, Whynot, have not accepted such a survival style. The main reason why we have is because of equality to play, one Japanese good and bad tradition. Talking about Whynot, first, we usually divide players per 5, which make one team. If 17 players show up, we will have 3 teams (5, 6 and 6) for instance.

On the other hand, here American guys decide a team by shooting. Before we start da game, we say “shoot for team.” The first five players who made free throw/ three pointers are the first team. Like that the second five are the second team. Finally, the possession for the first offense depends on “shoot for ball.”

When is the game over? We have a time keeper each game overseas. It usually takes 8 minutes, which are divided by half for the substitution. It is part of equality I think. Every player can stand on the court each game. Meanwhile, some American guys can’t play in one game.

Although there are some differences, I enjoyed myself well. I’m wondering if I can have time to play more.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-23 19:22 | @Portland

Definitely I’ll help you.

A friend of mine, Koji, moved to Broadway. I went there to help him after MKTG and lunch. Surprisingly, he didn’t get ready for it at all. What we started first is packing, lol. Another thing I can talk about him is that he is lucky. 6 friends gathered totally to help him. You know what!? Japanese guys are pretty kind to friend of their.

It took three hours, anyway. The movement which started at 2pm was finished up at nearly 5pm. But, since I had a class from 4:40pm, I just said to him, “good luck.” The 2nd surprising thing I felt is a number of furniture a student, who live by himself, has. On the other scale, I don’t have such a amount, and actually there are nothing but a bed mat I rent from Misa.

According to Japanese moving staffs, the number of my furniture I’ll use in new place is more than usual student living alone. And also I’m very concerned how large my room is cuz I wanna have a love-sofa which will make it more comfortable. I wish I got as cheap one as possible.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-22 14:40 | @Portland

No reason no Vodafone.

It was the first time for me to work as a part-time job in Portland, where we are not allowed to earn w/ any way. Just I did at Waseda Oregon office was to put a postcard into each pamphlet. Seven of us worked together for an hour. If less than seven came there, we couldn’t finish it up for such a short time.

I got $10 as kinda salary, fortunately. Next I did shortly after the job was to eat a big mac at McDonald, which provides a dollar-big mac every Monday. I went to Broadway after having a tiny dinner, finishing the article assignment of MKTG 376. One topic I chose is about Russian natural gas business, which decides to come through Turkey as a hub.

The other I read was that Vodafone is in trouble in both Europe and Japan. The share in both is decreasing cuz of the lack of competitiveness. I have used only its cell phone. The reason why I am a user of the Vodafone is because of the discount price as a group of family. Its price marketing is better than two other rivals in Japan: NTT Docomo and au by KDDI.

Although I worry about the shortage of the variation of designs, I’ll do contract w/ the Vodafone again.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-21 18:25 | @Portland

2 times a week I can play.

My life might change a little bit to the right way. I went to da gym as if it were an entire lifestyle. There were the most players since I joined Sunday night. Yijung, Chinese friend, also joined us to have a nice time. Additionally, Shiemi and Naoko were there to just watch da game. I’m not sure if I was nervous. I couldn’t score any more than one lay-up shot.

After da time, providing totally three games, one American guy came up to me. “You wanna play Wednesday?” he said. I realized immediately that what he means was Intramural Basketball. He asked me if I wanna join them guys and play hoops together as one of the team members.

Although it was too late, it was the biggest change for me. As u know, the basketball is on of the most popular and competitive sports in the United States. I was very glad. Now I have to shift my mind to do my best in playing from be happy. I’m looking forward to playing w/ them.

At night I went to Broadway to finish up troublesome stuffs. It was 2:30am that I went home.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-20 16:53 | @Portland

Silent Night Is There.

Christmas has come. I did find that message at the Farmers Market, the Borders book store and Slam. First, I got to the market on campus as well as last week. To my surprise, I found the Christmas wreath (I attached the picture), which is the symbol. I’m looking forward to X’mas in Japan. Just came up my mind is to decorate my room w/ it.

When I walked around, I met Panna, who also goes to the same university. She got scores of apples. After chilling w/ her, I went to Saturday Market to have Pat Thai, Thai traditional noodle. On the way to home, I looked for Christmas songs at Borders. I found a heap of CDs. I wanna take some of them before going home. Here is the second sign.

Finally, I bought Slam, one NBA magazine, whose cover is Lebron James w/ Christmas costume. The other magazines don’t go to such a way. They talks mainly about the college basketball. I’m not sure which business strategy is better, but I wanna recommend the costumed one.

For the first time, I sang a song as Karaoke at Cheerful. I was so ashamed at doing that, but I finished it up w/ poor English. Nobody cared about that cuz it’s the drinking time. I wanna try again next week, maybe.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-19 11:34 | @Portland

American Entertainment Sports.

The young team is kind enough to me to have some signatures of NBA players. Such a team will never lose da game (v. Blazers). It is located in Oakland, California, but its name doesn’t include da name of city, but da nickname, which makes me considering as the Gold Rush. Thank you, Golden State Worriers.

Although I arrive at Rosa Garden at 5:30pm every night, it is at 6pm to enter the garden. When Detroit Pistons came here, it was at 5:30pm. I’m not sure why it’s later to go inside. First of all, the reason why I’m there early is nothing but to get the signature. Fortunately, I got five signatures tonight, I didn’t have any Detroit’s though.

It is w/ Shun that I went and watched every game, who is one TNP student, knowledgeable about sports and loves them. By the way, what I wanna do on Thanksgiving Day is just to visit his host family all day. I’m just asking him if it is possible. As he said, it’s easy. Sounds nice!!

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-18 05:20 | @Portland

Dream in the film.

I spent three-straight Thursday night at The Cheerful Tortoise, which is located on the campus. We can enjoy one-dollar beer, which makes the bar very crowded. Surprisingly, there are fewer persons tonight than usual. We did sit easily down the table. The subject while drinking is changing. The main struggle was whether Howl’s Moving Castle, one of the best movies of Hayao Miyazaki, is good or not.

I like his film, which I have watched all of them when I was little. Delivery’s KiKi, Totoro, Nausika, Princes of Mononoke, and Sprited Away, etc are awesome. Some friends, however, don’t agree that Howl is awesome, too. Their reasons are because they didn’t figure out the messages Hayao tried to say.

I think it is kinda the love story. I said to them, but they refused my idea. It is true that we have an individual idea, which can be for or against someone’s. However, I don’t wanna think that he doesn’t have any message in this film. I strongly believe that something good must be there.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-17 09:03 | @Portland