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Part of Journey.

I got up at 9:30 am. That’s da last morning at Vancouver. I ate bread as a breakfast and drank coffee. I took a shower making me awake. It was at 10:45 am that we left da hotel for Portland. First of all, we went to Robson St caz Riku wanted to buy a nice sunglass at one shop along this street.

Unfortunately, who bought finally was not Riku but Koji, lol. I think da shopping is like that. I mean, those who want seriously something don’t buy it, while those who don’t want smth do buy it, lol. Thus da shopping spends generally more money than expected, lol.

We reached Burrard station in order to ride skytrain for Main st where we’ll ride Amtrak bus for Seattle. This train has no officers. There is nobody not only in train but also on station. To be honest, I thought actually we didn’t have to pay fares of this train. However, most Japanese care if they paid for tickets. The main reason is da problem would be bigger when one officer found them faking tickets. I felt part of Japaneseness thr that.

I was waiting for da buss departure by 12:30 pm. There were more passengers than before. To my surprise, three Japanese girls rode the same bus for Seattle. Then I didn’t know at all what happened next.

After September 11, the security across da border became stricter. Although I kept a banana in my bag pack, I had to throw away it. Every passenger is not allowed to bring any fruits into US. ‘nd then I ate it before the interview by officer. Therefore I passed successfully da interview and da bag pack check thr an advanced machine.

Though I worried about da traffic, the bus drove to there on time. The next Amtrak was da actual last trip during summer break. The three girls also waited seemingly for da same Amtrak for PDX. Something funny happened more. At 5:25pm we looked for and took our seats after doing da seat assignment to decide every seat. Once I looked up to da next booth, I found that three girls I think who are from Osaka caz they spoke in western Japanese. We ignored completely them during the following an hour, rather than didn’t speak to them, caz they made a big noise, which was just chat loud.

I was reading da book about Japanese presidents of companies w/ listening to music, Koji also read da book about finding jobs Riku brought, and Riku tried to sleep. ‘nd then one girl asked Riku to take a picture against them. That’s da beginning of da last interesting journey. We had funny & nice time in Amtrak w/ girls from Osaka, who study abroad to college in Canada. Actually, I wanted to spend by myself at the end of da journey, especially reading da book. When da train arrived at Union Station on time, I said good bye to them. We rode trimet bus #44 to PSU. I wanted to shout ‘well done.’

However, this was not the end of the day caz it’s the day before Misa’s birthday. After taking shower I left home again for da party. Since da party was held far from Epler and the bus was completed. I ran rather than walked to East, one of bars around downtown in Portland. Time has come and passed. We, except for Misa & Heuy, entered da bar to surprise her. I enjoyed this b.d. party till 2:00 am. Although I came home back w/ Riku, both were quite exhausted, lol. Yet the alcoholic effect made us high to chat well.

Actually, that was the end of whole schedules. Have a good nite!!

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-15 08:38 | @Vancouver June '05

Amazing Dinner….

I might skip due to give a car back. We got up at 12:50pm and got ready for leaving here for National by 13:30. We made da oil tank full near here. After returning I went shopping separately till 7:30pm when NBA Game 3 will start second half. I made a promise t meet’em at da former same bar where we watched Game 2 two nights ago.

As June 16 is Misa’s birthday, I sought da gift w/ Riku. After several stores I reached Sears, like mall, and bought a fashionable sunglass and its paper box. I shored money w/ him to get a scale for Heuy and a maple syrup for Keiko. Privately, I bought a mug cup, a shot glass and a ring for me. I purchased a neck less for Misa and da same shape of ring for Keiko. It was in da Gastown that I got’em. Thai is, I took a long walk to there. I spent much time thinking what to present to them. The main point is a gift reminding people of Vancouver, BC. Thus my two cups are printed by da logo “Vancouver.” I’ll keep collecting these two cups, mug and shot. Whenever I visit da new place, I’d purchase’em. This summer I’ll get three and more kinds of mugs/shots, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and more. I look forward to them.

Another concern is how I can record pictures. Now I have a digital camera using 64 MB recording chip. I can take 190 pictures w/ it if I keep setting up da same size photo. This five-day trip spent whole pictures in only four days. How’s Europe Journey going? How much do I need da amount of chip? The 256 MB would be enough, which is four times as much as 64. 256 MB means I can take approximately 760 pictures. Both 64 and 256 will produce 950 pictures which would be enough for the three-week journey. The other I need is the object changing da shape of outlet. There is da difference between US and most European countries. It’s like a line or a circle.

I’m not sure which the best place to buy such a chip is, here or Portland. I can purchase it for $49- w/out tax. I didn’t do that at least today. I’d buy 256 MB chip at Portland before the journey.

Once I was back to da hotel w/ some souvenirs, it’s just NBA Game 3 beginning at Detroit. After first period Spurs was winning 27 to 21. However, second half brought da period occupied by Pistons. Finally they guys grabbed da first victory at home. I hope Spurs beat them only once at load. It’d be enough. I went to that bar along Robson st to get there by 7:30pm.

To my surprise, there were few customers at weekday nite. I watched da game w/ a bottle of Heineken. During da game I played da billiard three times. After an unhappy result of games I ate real Japanese-Chinese noodle, Ramen at Ezogiku based on Takadanobaba, Tokyo. It was da first time to eat it abroad in a few months. Although we waited for Ramen for more than half an hour, it was more delicious than I expected. That made me stuffed.

When I was back to da hotel again, I took a bath and packed my stuffs for tmrrw’s departure. I gain da two- straight-night own bed cuz I won da game. I fell in a sleep. Thinking about returning to Portland, I miss Vancouver.

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-14 19:30 | @Vancouver June '05

Canada Beauty !!

I got up at 11:30 am and had breakfast, a banana, bread and yogurt. The other two guys were sleeping still. It is at 1:00 pm that we left da room after taking shower/changing clothes. Before da third day begins I w/drew $60- from Wells Fargo (checking account) at Robson st across Burrard Ave. It was da first tie for me to walk along Robson st. on business day in Vancouver. However, I found few businesspersons w/ suits. Caz of da crowded st today I noticed that those who are on Robson/downtown are almost tourists.

My first option was rent a bicycle. As da fare is $30-/person all day, Riku said “how’s rent a car going?" Actually, I’m confused, that is, disagreed w/ him. For I’m not sure how much it costs and if we rent it, even. I gave it up. We rented a car at National near Stanley Park. The fare will be $ 30/person for 24 hours.

First of all, we drove to North Vancouver thr Stanley Park & Lions Gate Bridge. Once we went to da entrance of Grouse Mountain where I wanna visit on da forth day. Unfortunately, da expensive gondola fare stopped us to da top of it. I charged my mind into drive along da coast. Amldeside Park was impressive, where I took some pictures. We kept driving, aiming at more beautiful views.

Approximately half an hour drive led me to Wycliffe Park (I forgot da accurate name). I felt really da nature. I’m never tired of it. Thus I’m never tired of taking pictures. This park has a small beach and an island-size rock. I and Koji tried to climb it up. I can’t express my feeling when I stood on da top. After da beautiful place we drove back to downtown. We visited University of British Columbia and Nitobe Memorial Garden. This reminds me of Japanese atmosphere. I was so high, at the same time, and calm. I forgot da time. Time was stopped. If we are UBC student, the fare will be free. This garden, actually, surprised us. Even Portland didn’t remind me Japan at all.

Although I ate hot dog at this park, I got hungry. Thus I asked them “r u guys hungry?” “Yeah!” I heard da nice reply w/ no moment. It is around 7:00 pm. We wanted to eat Korean BBQ, pretty like Japanese Yakiniku. As I have no idea, I had to ask somebody where it is. Riku said da officer of Hyatt hotel located near here would answer to us. Riku drove me and Koji to there. We asked da lady whose parents are Japanese as long as she told me, fortunately. Therefore she answered quickly, “Soul House Royal Korean Restaurant is da best. Most Japanese tourists said ‘nice!’” Gocha♪ She was kind enough to mark there on the map.

It was at 7:30 pm that we parked da car near da restaurant. It is located on West Broadway. Fortunately, it was not crowded. Although we were quite hungry, we were thinking/wondering for a while in order to make successfully our stomach stuffed. I ordered premier beef da shop assistant recommended. I ate bibimbup and three kinds of beefs. I got quickly stuffed for 40 minutes.

Next what to wanna do is just play ten pins balling and billiard. Before that I went to da Sunset Beach near downtown. The sky is complete orange. I’ll never forget this place. Certainly, I took pictures there, lol. After orange sky, as we r not sure where da array is, we asked da front desk of our hotel. This is located on West 70th Ave., while Korean Restaurant ia on 9th Ave, Broadway. I mean, it is pretty far from our hotel. That was no problem ‘caz we have a car. Though we got lost a little bit, we arrived successfully at there. I played three games of balling (one; warming up, last two; bet games). In game 2 I fell 119 pins, getting tied up w/ Riku. That’s Koji lost da game. In the final match I was non-stoppable. Seven of tem frames were more than spare; three straight & four straight. I got totally 156 pins and beat’em.

After that I played billiard at da room next to balling for an hour till 0:00am. I lost this game, but I was pretty satisfied w/ the third day. Additionally, I gained my own bed by myself tonite. I don’t have to share on bed w/ two people. It was at 5:00 am that I fell a sleep after long-time chatting.

『和の心 水の向こう 天高く』川柳作ってみた。
Sunset Beachにて。綺麗です。

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-13 18:37 | @Vancouver June '05

Surprising Coffee.

We are early birds. I slept w/ Riku on one bed, and Koji did by himself. For there are only two beds in our room as I knew before. Actually, I felt narrow, but exhaustion was bigger. I ha breakfast at fast hood shop, Subway, two blocks away from da hotel. I chose Egg& Bacon and juice, $4.16-. We start da second day before 10 am when most shops open. Unfortunately, it was Sunday. I hear da steam sound at Gastown at just 10. It is da steam clock as a symbol. The atmosphere around this town is absolutely different that of downtown. I like this town. I bought da key holder, &1.12-, in an Indian shop.

I took 80 pictures today at Gastown, Chinatown and Stanley Park.

After Gastown we visited da coffee, aiming at da bad leave, gxngxr. Riku asked some people several times where he can get it. Finally he found da place, bought it and smoked up before noon, lol. Talking about Chinatown, I was surprised at da number of Chinese restaurants/grocery stores. This town is as large as Robson st. I ate Chinese noodle as lunch at one restaurant, which is quite popular by Chinese living here, seemingly. However, a lunch was pretty poor, not delicious at least for Japanese. It was no vegetables, so was not healthy, killing seriously my stomach. Chinese food market where we can get fruits/vegetables reminds me of Japanese one.

Although this market is quite far from da hotel, I just walked to there w/ no mind. On my way to there I talked about sports player, especially Yuta Tabuse and Yao Ming. Did they achieve da success? What about da strategy of their marketing how to sell/advertise them?

Next topic is what sports Japan can beat US. Koji and I agree to Baseball. The game between them is held every year in Japan. I think Jap is equal to US. On the other hand, in basketball Jap never beats US. NCAA may beat Jap. Additionally, Japanese guys are smaller/shorter than American. Everybody wishes they wanna be a few inches taller. Recently, it’s time that both are taller than before.

It was before 1:00 pm that I was back at da hotel. I went to da pool downstairs w/ Riku for on hour. I swam/dived many times w/ yesterday-pans. After that we’re three, taking a deep nap by 4 pm. It was pretty comfortable. I thank my choice of this hotel so much. Thank u, Century Plaza Hotel. Their staff service is perfect for us. When we give da call to da front desk to get extra bath towel, they bring it soon. That shows three stars.

June 12 was Game 2 of NBA Finals, San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons. ‘caz da tip-off is about 6 pm, we got decide to meet again in front of a bar at 6:30 pm. Before that I can do anything by myself. All I did go to Stanley Park. Too much walk killed me. We entered da silent sports bar. The other bar is so crowded, which is located nearer to downtown. I like da silent one. There are few people, giving me da relief/safety. In addition to da impression, many screens excited me. After all, Spurs beat Pistons, 97-76. #20 Ginobili netted 27 points (11 of 13 FTs). Spurs leads da series 2 to 0. While we stay there, we played da billiard.

Today I discovered lots of things I’ve never seen. I’ll do my best tmrrw. Although da forecast is not fine, we’ll rent bicycles to go around downtown.

Stanley Parkの光景

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-12 16:44 | @Vancouver June '05

Entrance to Canada !!

The baby gave me his cute smile. I’m in da train.

We got successfully on Amtrak, Cascade 500. In fact, I can’t express “successfully.” That’s not suited for da reality. It is at 7:20 am that we must gather in front of Epler. The one guy, my friend, is late.
“What’s he doing?” I spoke to the other punctual guy, Riku.
“Let’s go earlier than he,” he replied simply.

We’ve just arrived at the first-stop station, Vancouver, WA.

The late guy missed da buss for Union Station where we leave PDX for Vancouver, Canada. He gave me da call where we were and I replied to him we left already. Shortly, he got upset, but he was not seriously stupid. Now he’s reading da book w/ his relief. I mean, he got that station by another bus.

Another funny thing happens. Riku forgot his passport we will need when we go across da country boarder. He also is not stupid, goes back home quickly and arrived there on time by taxi. At da same time, Koji was there. When they were there, I’ve just made check-in of Amtrak.

The other funny thing happens. The computer of the ticket office was down. Every passengers, who are gonna make check-in so far, can’t receive da digit ticket. I felt it’s once upon a time, the past or an old era. Riku said the American society is organized by the car, thus the train system is too late. That in Japan is quite advanced, I can say that.

I and Koji took seats whose back faces Seattle. In contrast, Riku faces directly there. There are three people next to our seat booth. When I start writing down this, one gentleman is unstoppable to chat w/ the other two persons, lady and gentleman. Now that all of them fall a sleep as well as us, except for me.

I can see da baby and Mom, directly. I’m not sure which sex this baby is: boy/girl. Yet Mom keeps looking after him (maybe boy in this diary). The car seven where we are becomes quiet. One sound I can hear is the baby’s cute voice/cry. It’s 9:49 am. Next stop is Kelso. I’ll stop writing here.

I’m back on the hotel bed which is more comfortable than I expect.

We’ve just arrived at Seattle on time (almost). There are few shops where we can get smth to eat around da station.
“I’ll go to that coffee shop over there,” Riku, who is a perfect sleep guy in da train, said. Thus I and Koji went around there to find the convenient shop/fast food shop like MacDonald. It was too easy to find it. WE bought the bread and muffin and ate on da seat in da park which looks like Koshien in Kobe, Japan. Additionally, I noticed here was where Ichiro plays.

The bus driver to Vancouver, BC has a Japanese wife and can speak Jap a little. He said, the Sumo wrester Dejima hugged his son at Nagoya. He really enjoys hi job, the driver. He gave us some funny jokes any time. He keeps his smile to us. This bus was not crowded w/ passengers. In contrast to Amtrak, I can take two seats. Make sense? I can use my sitting seat and next one. I took a nap till I take the interview in the boarder. The shape of rail on which da bus ran is completely different from in Japan. I mean it’s easier to take a nap here than in Japan. Whole highways are very complicated and curved well. It was at 5:10 pm that we got off da bus and finished da change of money into Canada dollars.

We are thinking how we get to da hotel. As we can see skytrain, we got it on to Burrard st, three next stop from Main sta. The fare costs $2.25- which allows us to get on/off every time during 90 minutes. The ticket is like that of Japan Rail. All we have to do when getting on is put in da ticket. This system is more useful/advanced than that of Portland. For we can ride both train and bus w/ one ticket. Besides tickets da skytrain runs underground like Tokyo Metro. It reminds me of that. Finally, we made successfully cheki-in. The view from our room #1509 is excellent.

The most surprising in Vancouver is the number of Asian people. Whenever we walk each atreet/Avenue, we can see them. That is more than in Portalnd. In addition to people, the number of Asian restaurant is more. We ate Japanese Food in downtown and drank Kirin. Why could I drink? The reason is over 19-year-old guys is allowede to drink in public. Here is da Heaven. I’m 20 now. Actually, I’ll be 21, 28th June. Thus Portland will be Heaven too. As I said, Asian restaurant is economically part of Vancouver. I mean the economy will be dead w/out them.

Another surprising is the number of high buildings/hotels. As soon as we arrive here, we can notice here is bigger than Portland. For there are lots of high-story buildings. Most of them are as high as that in Shinjuku/ Roggongi.

After dinner I bought da swimming pants at Nike store along Robson st caz da hotel has a pool. I went to Karaoke box where da shop assistant at Kitto told us. We got there, sang songs and had fun.

Now it’s 2:04 am. I’ll go to bed. I hope we had fun tmrrw.

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-11 08:35 | @Vancouver June '05